Snow in La Moreau

terraceno trafficIts said that the Charente Maritime is the second sunniest are in France – that may be true but at the moment the sun is shining on 10-15 centimetres of snow. Would look like the Alps if we had any hills!
This area usually benefits from a micro climate and so snow is very rare. For the last week the temperature has rarely got above -5° and the pool is frozen solid and our butternut squashes are having to be thawed before I can cook them.gites
The forecast is for a couple more weeks of sub zero temperatures. Just hope it warms up before our first workshop of the year – Andy Scotts Saxophone workshop- otherwise they will playing playing saxophone with their gloves on!.
la moreauBella has been practising carrying cognac under her chin just in case they get snowed in the music room.

What an act

For the past three years Kev Dempsey has been, with Joe Broughton one of our most popular tutors on their Folk Guitar and Fiddle Workshop.We have loved hearing them play here at Creative Vacances and their jamming sessions late into the night are highlights of the week but we have never had the chance to see Kev play a “proper” concert.

When we were in England recently and saw that Kev was playing a gig on Friday 18 November at the Hinckley Act we couldn’t resist. Kevin would be appearing with the talented accordionist Karen Tweed.

The Hinckley Act has to be one of the most unusual venues in the U.K. Established by chairman Keith London on the premises of his firm Advanced Carbide Tooling the venue provides full stage and seating facilities, plus top quality sound and lighting equipment.

Kev was as good as we imagined. His voice like velvet and his guitar playing sublime and inspirational. It was particularly nice for us that he played and sung Resurrection Jack that he had composed while he was with us in 2010.

Living in France we hear a lot of accordion music and much of it is very bad! Karen played the accordion with such skill and passion that it was a joy to hear and like listening to a completely different instrument.

We passed a really memorable evening at the Hinckley Act. They have a superb programme of concerts scheduled for this year. Check out their web site.