Snow in La Moreau

terraceno trafficIts said that the Charente Maritime is the second sunniest are in France – that may be true but at the moment the sun is shining on 10-15 centimetres of snow. Would look like the Alps if we had any hills!
This area usually benefits from a micro climate and so snow is very rare. For the last week the temperature has rarely got above -5° and the pool is frozen solid and our butternut squashes are having to be thawed before I can cook them.gites
The forecast is for a couple more weeks of sub zero temperatures. Just hope it warms up before our first workshop of the year – Andy Scotts Saxophone workshop- otherwise they will playing playing saxophone with their gloves on!.
la moreauBella has been practising carrying cognac under her chin just in case they get snowed in the music room.