more workshops, more people, more space

Building on the great success of 2011 we have added more workshops for 2012. Check out the full list

To fit them all into the calendar we have started even earlier this year with our Saxophone Workshop with Andy Scott fully booked.

During the summer we eat on our wonderful south facing terrasse but we knew that if we were starting on April 1st it would be impossible to eat outside and so we would have to build a new dining room.

The only space that we had left in our complex of barns was the area where we stored all our tools and so last November we started a plan to create a new dining room/ second music room in this space.


Our first problem was what to do with everything that was currently in the room. By continually shifting the tools around we eventually installed  beams and laid  chip board  so that we had a first floor to put everything.

At last we had a clear space.

We knew we were on a very tight time line  and by the end of January we had punched through a double door way onto the existing terrasse.

Suddenly the weeks started to fly by and it was the end of February and we wtill didn’t have the walls dry lined.

Working 7 days a week we finally got the room completely finished 2 weeks before the start of the first workshop. It is large enough to seat 20 people and we were delighted when Andy Scott used the space as a second music room.

A great addition to the facilities here.