Americana Country Guitar

with Brooks Williams 

11-17 September  2016

“There aren’t many people who can play guitar like Brooks Williams and fewer still who can teach like he can” says Acoustic Magazine


“Americana Country Guitar” combines chugging back-beats, melodic chords and twangy leads with smart songwriting to create an unmistakable sound. In this workshop we will explore the rhythms and riffs that are the bedrock of this great guitar music. We’ll focus on the jangly strumming patterns and alternating bass lines as well as the chiming leads, both what to play, where and how to play it. We’ll even look at the “country” sound of slide guitar in both standard and open-G tuning. All techniques will be taught through both new and classic songs, with lyrics, chord diagrams and TAB. This is an action-packed, hand’s-on workshop with lots of playing. Develop some new techniques while also expanding your repertoire. Ideally suited for the player who knows first position chords like: E, E7, Em, A, A7, Am, D, Dm, D7, B7, Bm, C, C7, F, G, G7. What to bring? A slide, picks (plectrums, medium gauge are ideal), extra strings and a capo.



“There aren’t many people who can play guitar like Brooks Williams, and fewer still who can teach like he can.” (Acoustic Magazine). Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in “all things guitar” in the beautiful surroundings of La Moreau with Brooks Williams as your inspirational guide. No stranger to the stage or the workshop, Williams has performed and taught throughout the world, including guitar and songwriting workshops in the UK, the USA, Turkey and East Africa


Brooks Williams