Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton
Folk Guitar and Fiddle Course Tutors

Kevin Dempsey, guitarist, singer and producer second to none, with extensive experience in the music business, having worked with everyone from Percy Sledge to Dando Shaft and The Marvelettes to Alice Coltrane.

Not forgetting “Whippersnapper” whose line-up also included Dave Swarbrick, Chris Leslie and Martin Jenkins, touring the world extensively and recording five albums. In 1987 Kevin’s highly acclaimed solo album “The Cry of Love” was also released, which featured Danny Thompson, Polly Bolton, Chris Leslie and Paul Dunmall. During the 90s Kevin produced albums for several leading artists, wrote film scores and performed with Chris Leslie and Dave Swarbrick. After touring with Mary Black in 2004, Kevin also joined the band Uiscedwr. He currently plays with Swarb’s Lazarus as well as his other trio, Tanna.
Joe Broughton has played as a session musician on around 100 albums and taken his legendary showmanship aroun the world,performing everywhere from Hong Kong to Chicago, London to Lithuania. He is currently touring with the UFQ, Kevin Dempsey and Ben Broughton as well as running the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble and
the Guildhall Folk Ensemble (now called the Stamp Collective!), the latter with fellow UFQ member Paloma Trigas. His fiddle school is still going strong .

Although a classically trained violin player, Joe Broughton’s style owes much more to Folk, Jazz and Blues. Folk On Tap described his playing as “Spine-tingling”. Throughout his childhood up to the present day Joe has been performing with his brother Ben and he was a member of the legendary Albion Band 1997 – 2003. Ashley Hutchings describes him as “a massive individual talent”. Between 1987 and 1992 Joe worked in circuses, at which time the BBC made a short film about his diverse talents. In 1994 – ’97 Joe studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire where he now teaches folk music and composition.