Acoustic Blues Guitar Course

with Guy Davis

28 August -3 September 2017

The Blues and Beyond

Dig up the roots of jazz, soul and rock and you’ll find the blues.

The guitar was there at the birth of the blues and has been the machine that has d riven the development of the genre from it’s folk roots to contemporary funk styles.

This is what this course is about.

Aims of the course.

The main aims of this five day residential course are to:

* develop individuals playing skills

* develop knowledge and understanding of blues structures

* expand knowledge of chord forms

* facilitate playing with others, in duos, trios etc

* experiment with a variety of tempos and rhythms, boogie, shuffles, swing etc.

* provide the opportunity to work on and develop on an individual or small group blues project

* develop solo and improvisation skills

Course structure

The five day course will consist two 2-hour sessions each day and will follow the development of blues music in a, loosely, historic structure. Examples of standards and blues players from each period will be used to illustrate the development of the genre.


* early roots; Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, fingerstyle, open tunings and bottleneck

* jazz influences; swing, boogie, T-Bone Walker

* urban blues; Chicago, shuffles, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed

* rhythm & blues; riffs and more riffs, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry

* blues ballads; 32 bar structures, more complex chording, BB King,

Included in the standards that will be used will be;

Big Bill Broonzys Big Bills Boogie

Robert Johnsons Sweet Home Chicago

T-Bone Walkers Stormy Monday Blues

Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man

Jimmy Reeds Bright Lights Big City

Bo Diddleys Roadrunner

Peter Greens Need Someone to Love


Participants will be given individual and group tuition in a relaxed and supportive environment. Group members will be encouraged to learn from each others experience by swopping riffs, licks and other musical ideas. The evenings form an important part of the week and there will be ample time to jam and work on projects.

The course will not use formal music notation but from time to time guitar tablature will be used to illustrate riffs and themes. Tablature is a useful tool for the guitarist, in whatever genre of music, and is very easy to pick up. If you aren’t used to using tabs then you will be taught the basics. Well also be using the standard form of writing song structures familiar to most guitarists ie. For a 12 bar blues in the Key of A major:













An integral part of blues music are vocals so everyone will be encouraged to exercise their tonsils during the week.


We hope that participating guitarists will have had a great week and will go home with more skills, confidence and enthusiasm for playing the blues,

Whos it For ?

The course hopes to cater for guitarists who have passed the absolute beginners stage, who perhaps would describe themselves as competent beginner, up to intermediate level.

‘Returner’ or ‘lapsed’ guitarists would also be most welcome and would be given a refresher boost at the start of the course.

Participants will have a working knowledge of major chord shapes, including 7ths, as well as the most commonly used minor chords.

What do I bring?

Your acoustic guitar

A note pad and pen.

And, not forgetting your voice! Singing will be positively encouraged.

We do have limited number of acoustic guitars for hire- please ask at the time of booking