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Ownership, Content & Rights

This web site is solely owned by Creative Vacances.

The content of this site is copyright © Creative Vacances 2008-2011. Some images may be the copyright of various manufacturers of the products depicted or of various photographers.
Acceptable Use Policy

Owners of other web sites may place links on their web sites that link to HTML formatted pages on this web site. We do not guarantee that any page other than the default home page will always be maintained and available. It is your responsibility to check continued functioning of your link. If you require a specific page to be always available then please contact us.

Owners of other web sites may not link directly to any content on this web site other than HTML formatted pages without the express permission of the site’s owner. This applies specifically but is not limited to links direct to images, databases, data listings, forums, guest books or any other dynamic objects generated by this web site. If you wish to do so then you must obtain written permission from Creative Vacances.

Content may not be displayed on another web site in any way that implies or suggests that the content is other than our own without express permission of Creative Vacances. Content may not be held on another web server or used in any commercial form without the content owner’s express written permission.

You may not harvest email addresses from this web site. You may not harvest web URLs from this web site excepting as part of a recognised search engine activity by an acknowledged search engine or similar index or directory. You may not harvest or otherwise obtain or use information from this web site for commercial resale or advantage.
Information Responsibilities

As far as we are aware the information provided on this web site is accurate though not necessarily complete. Creative Vacances can accept no responsibility for the content of third party web sites listed on or linked from this web site.

Any links shown on this web site to other web sites are provided for your interest only and Creative Vacances has no control over such sites and thus no responsibility or liability for their content; nor do links to other sites imply any endorsement of their content.
Privacy Policy

Any details Creative Vacances retain about you are used only for purposes implicitly implied or explicitly stated when they were collected. We specifically do not pass on your contact or personal details to third parties without your permission nor do we share our information on you with commercial or other enterprises.

Creative Vacances may email you in response to your enquiries and/or in connection with your bookings.
Legal Jusrisdiction

This web site is designed, maintained and hosted in England in the United Kingdom. To the best of our knowledge the content and representation of this web site are legal under English law. Any legal issues will be treated under English law and any disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Security FAQ’s

Below are answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions on Privacy and Security. If you require clarification or have further questions then please contact us using our form on the Contact Details page. See the menu option FAQ for other information that may help you to use this web site.
Q. If I complain about a web site linked from your site will you do anything about it?

A. We take complaints seriously and will investigate any complaints made. If the complaint is justified then we will ban the offender from being listed in Creative Vacances links. Unless there is evidence of illegality we can do nothing more.
Q. If I complain about a web site do you give them my details?

A. Definitely not! We do not pass on your details to anyone unless you give express written permission. We ask that you give us a valid email address or other contact details so we may discuss the complaint with you and inform you of the outcome. We may not be able to inform you of any specific action taken.
Q. Why am I am getting spam from Creative Vacances?

A. We do not spam. The only emails you will receive from Creative Vacances are specifically to do with your communications, orders and enquiries.
Q. Why am I am getting viruses from Creative Vacances?

A. Unless we have a serious accident you will not receive viruses from our domains. The most likely explanation is that someone has our email address in their address book or has one or more of our web pages in their browser cache and that they have a virus which is using these details to send out viruses and, often, spam.
Q. How do I know it’s not you sending out spam / viruses?

A. Almost all spam and virus header information, including the From (Sender’s) address, is forged. There are some sites listed on Google that explain this and may help to trace the message. If the offending email traces to Bristol Web, our hosting company, then we definitely want to know about it. Get in touch with us through the Contact page and we’ll discuss it with you.